Dealing with U-Waterloo's unlawful COVID policies

This website is intended as a resource for UW students and employees who oppose the intrusive, scientifically baseless and unlawful COVID policies mandated by UW's leadership. It is maintained by Michael Palmer, Associate Professor in the Department of Chemistry.

Mailing list

I (M.P.) have set up a mailing list for UW students and employees. I will communicate any updates regarding the collective lawsuit against UW and other schools to this mailing list. In addition, this list is intended for UW members to ask questions and share advice. To subscribe, send an email to

In the body of that email, write

subscribe uw anonymous

Make sure that you only write those magic words—no "thank you or "this mail was sent from Doug Ford's iPhone." Otherwise, the subscription request will fail. If subscription succeeds, you will receive a confirmation message. If it doesn't work, let me know, and I will enroll you manually.

After you have subscribed, you can post to the list by sending email to this address:

You will also receive messages sent by other members from this address.


Children's health defence Canada have teamed up with Rocco Galati and Amina Sherazee of the Constitutional Rights Centre to file charges against UW and all other Ontario schools that have imposed the same or similar unconstitutional and illegal measures. You can join that lawsuit as a plaintiff. Please be aware that all plaintiffs will be expected to financially contribute to the cost.

Note that there are some conditions that you need to meet in order to join the lawsuit. Basically, these amount to not complying with the mandates in any way. In particular:

If you do want to join this lawsuit, please let me know, and I will forward your request to Children's Health Defense Canada. Any updates regarding this lawsuit that I receive from CHD will be shared through this mailing list. Please note that the lawsuit is open to students themselves, but not their parents, unless the student in question is not yet of age.

In the meantime ...

If you have any good ideas for dealing with the current situation, please share them. My own approach will be to politely but firmly declare to my own department my refusal to comply with any of these measures, my conviction that they are unlawful, and my participation in the above-mentioned lawsuit.